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Sabrina Kraemer (Costume Designer, Stylist)

Sabrina Kraemer

Sabrina is a costume designer with particular expertise and experience in costume patina, mask building, pattern design and sketches. Sabrina is based in Halle.

Projects as costume designer (Selection)

2022 Meine Traum meine Geschichte // Documentary Sieries SWR // Look Film // D: Marco Gadge
2020 Sweet Desaster // Motion Picture // About:Film e.K. // D: Laura Lehmus
2020 Curry // Motion Picture // NFP // D: Lars Montag
2019 The Witch and the Ottoman // TV // Mavie Films // D: Sebastian Mattukat
2019 Julia muss sterben // Motion Picture // In One Media // D: Marco Gadge
2019 Das Trümmermädchen // Motion Picture // Simonsays Pictures // D: Oliver Kracht
2019 Wießnitz // TV Pilot // Tim Burak Production // D: various
2019 Palast der Gespenster // Documentary // Broadview TV // D: various
2018 Drübenland // Short film // 42film // D: Arne Kohlweyer
2018 Findher // Web-Series // Traumhaus Studios // D: Kai-Roman Schöttle
2018 Der Kupfermann // Short film // Reynard Films // D: various
2018 Farasha // Short film // Wunderwelt Pictures GmbH // D: Dino Weisz
2017 // Commercial // Comlab // D: Martin Chemnitz
2017 LG - Q6 // Commercial // Naumann Ffm // D: Min Kyu Kang
2017 Beatsticks // Music video // Bears are calling // D: Sander Houtkruijer

Directors worked with
Kai-Roman Schöttle, Dino Weisz, Martin Chemnitz, Min Kyu Kang, Sander Houtkruijer, Laura Lehmus, Marco Gadge, Arne Kohlweyer, Lars Montag, Philipp Kadelbach, Josef Bierbichler, Fatih Akin, David Dietl, Tim Fehlbaum, Dominik Graf u.v.m.

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